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AGE:  20 months
DOB: 12/2007
WEIGHT:  Unsure
SEX: Female
NEUT/UTD: Soon/Soon
CATS:   Yes
UPDATE 3/3/10 - Diamond is doing great!  We absolutely love her.  She and Murphy love to play.  She lays on her back and rolls around with her legs in the air and makes us laugh so hard!  She seems to be feeling fine and loves to eat!

UPDATE 1/7/10 - Diamond continues to do great.  She is such a wonderful part of our family.  She a little stubborn streak in her.  If we want her to go outside but she does not want to, she lays on her back and puts her legs in the air and we practically have to pick her up!  She is so funny.  She loves to play catch but doesn't always give the ball back:)  Her and Murphy keep each other company during the day. 
I would love to send some pictures of them together, but don't know where to send them.

UPDATE 12/5/09 - Diamond is doing great!  She is now trained on the electric fence and enjoys being out there with Murphy.  They run and play together and are so funny.  She loves to play fetch with a ball and jumps so high!  She also loves to sit in a sunny spot in the middle of the yard. She is not having accidents in the house anymore--once we figured out what the problem was--she was conditioned to going in our tiled foyer because we were never able to discipline her for it because she only went when we weren't home.  We blocked off the foyer and she has not had any accidents since.  We've been walking her with her haltee on a double leash with Murphy.  It's so nice how they walk together.  We still are working with a private trainer. The dogs' next appt. is 12/21.   Diamond still enjoys doggy daycare twice a week and they say she is very well behaved there!  Our only complaint as of recently is that she was getting into the cat's litter box and also eating the cat's food--even though t he food dish was way on top of a dresser!!  Hopefully the installation of a cat door today will help keep the litter and cat food free from Diamond!  Otherwise, all is great and we love, love our little girl.  And Murphy loves his sister too!

UPDATE 11/2/09 - Diamond is adjusting and becoming more and more comfortable in our home with each day that passes. She is the sweetest, affectionate thing and would crawl into our laps all day if we let her:)  It was a tough first couple of weeks as she and our Boxer Murphy got used to sharing space with each other.  Diamond was a little possessive of us at first and growled and snapped at Murphy a few times when he approached her when she sat with us.  We hired a professional dog trainer (Brian Shea) to work with us in our home because we wanted to make this work. He has been coming every week and helped us with behavior and leash skills for both dogs.   We have seen huge improvements using his training and strategies.  Diamond no longer growls at Murphy. They play together and wrestle.  She lays on her back with all four paws in the air and is so silly! She needed some work on her leash skills but walks great with a Haltee.  We tried to crate her at night like we do Murphy, but she hated it.  So on the advice of our trainer, we let both dogs sleep in our bedroom on a dog bed.  Although they each have a bed, they have been curling up together and sleeping like that all night!  It's so cute!  We are currently training her on the electric fence so she can run safely in our yard off-leash.  
Healthwise, she had diarhea and was having many accidents after we brought her home.  After a couple vet visits and some special food from the vet, her stools were back to normal.  She has already gained 5 lbs (which she needed) and her energy level is higher.  We got her the bordatella vaccine.  She still has occasional accidents, but hopefully this will improve. 
She started doggie daycare last week with Murphy.  They go twice a week at a facility called Camp Canine in town and LOVE it!  The owner said on her first day, she stuck by Murphy's side for the first half hour, but then got comfortable and played all day with other dogs. 
We haven't started obedience yet for two reasons.  The first is I wanted to work with the trainer in our home and improve that situation first.  The second is that my husband coaches football and would be unable to attend training with us.  He really wants to participate and so we are going to sign her up for a class soon but they (Camp Canine) haven't posted their new classes for Nov or Dec. yet. 
We love her! She is such a wonderful addition to our home and family!

10/2/09 - Diamond has been adopted!

- Diamond II arrived in Maine on Sunday and was as happy as could be.  She loves everybody and loves to give kisses.  She is a very mellow girl (so far), loves to lie around, loves to sit on your lap, and loves to be outside and go for rides.  She doesn’t like to go into her crate but does not make a sound once she is in there.  I am working on basic commands but she does know sit.  She pulls a bit on her leash but I am also working with her on that.  She is an absolute beautiful and loveable dog!!  It won’t be long before she is in her forever home giving her new family tons of kisses!!  Pictures will be coming soon.